About Us

The Naval Warrior Foundation is dedicated to providing immediate support and assistance to the Elite Service Members and Veterans of our Nations Naval Service.
We support the warriors of these close-knit communities by providing transitional assistance, scholarship opportunities, and seed funding for business ownership opportunities.

Our Story

Our Leadership

It is a great honor and a privilege to serve this elite community. We have a passionate Board of Directors and Staff that is extremely focused on providing the best service to our heroes who represent the warrior elite of our Nation’s Sea Services. Our complete commitment to this noble mission is our greatest strength.

Murtice A. Tucker, JD, MS


Marine Officer and Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom

Luis C. Arroyo


US Navy Veteran

William C. Slabaugh, Esq.
Executive Committee Chairman

David E. Fraser
Secretary of the Board

Andre Joseph, MBA, CDFM
Treasurer of the Board

Success Stories

We measure our success by the success of those we serve.

Zachary Weis

Scholarship Opportunities

Seed Funding for Business Ownership